Our factory with "quality first, customers first" purpose, to good reputation, first-class after-sale service. 
Our after-sale support is just as important as the performance of our products before sale. Our after sales service team consist of Engineers and highly qualified staff with great professional approach due to this reason customer feels confident, once their electronic items are being maintained. Our after sales service team are always ready to answer your questions at any possible time.In addition, we take care of our customers by remaining in contact with them so that they should not face any type of problem.
If have any complaint,customers should submit it to us within 30 business days after the goods arrived at the destination port. From the date submitting the complains, please provide the following information as needed within 5 business days.  
a) The order No. and P/I No. of the goods.     
b) Giving detail descriptions of the problem in written (by fax).     
c) The pictures or Video that can show the problem clearly.    
We will offer a reasonable reply or a solution to the problem within 5 business days after we receive the complaints.